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Committee in Support of Referendum in Iran

Iran Today & Tomorrow

Al-Arabiya, 7 March 20 17 - Yukiya Amano: Atomic Energy Agency

Al Arabiya, 16 March 20 17 - Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has discussed the dangers of the recent Iran nuclear deal with United President Donald Trump, emphasizing Tehran’s expansionist agenda by supporting extremist groups in the region to further their goals of "reaching Mecca".



Nooruz in US House and Senate:

Celeberating of the holiday Season - New Administration & Iran Iran Policy Options - 8 March, 2016

US Senate Hearings:

United States Senate Hearings on Camp Liberty, October 2015

Human Rights Violations by the Iranian Regime

NCRI's president Elect, Maryam Rajavi’s Remarks Hearing at US Congress– 29 April 2015


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United States Senate:

letter to the President:

- Senator Bob Corker: Iranian leaders must feel sufficient pressure to ease deeply destablizing activities...

Recent suicides highlight ongoing Iranian human rights abuses : By Soona Samsami, opinion contributor - 03/05/17 03:00 PM EST

\Mujahedin-E Khalq (MEK) Shackled by a Twisted History



US Senator's & Reps. Press Releases on Iranian Regime's Missile Attack on Camp Liberty:

Oct. 30, 2015

NY Times Article on Missile attack on Camp Liberty

1- Sen. Schumer

2- Sen. McCain

3- Sen. Boozman

4- Sen. Shaheen & Sen. Blunt

5- Rep. Ed Royce

6- Rep. Eliot L. Engel

7- Leader Nancy Pelosi

Iran's so called moderate leader, Isn't!!!

1/23/2016 8:22:20 PM

Hassan Rouhani who we should shun him, not roll out the red carpet for him

By Christopher Booker, published in the Telegraph

Hassan Rouhani who will be welcomed in Europe this week, but we should shun him, not roll out the red carpet.

Human Rights in Iran

News - Iran News

Time to get tough on Iranian president about dreadful human rights situation

1/21/2016 3:06:52 PM



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Iran: UK bishops join NCRI in human rights plea and recognition of Camp Liberty

1/23/2016 1:08:50 PM

By: Harriet Sinclair

International Business Times - January 21, 2016 - Fifty one UK religious leaders have called for the recognition of Camp Liberty as a refugee camp, demanding human rights be at the forefront of discussions for the upcoming European visit of Iran President Hassan Rouhani .
The Right Reverend John Pritchard, assistant bishop of Durham, and the Right Reverend Adrian Newman, the bishop of Stepney, delivered a statement condemning an October attack on Camp Liberty, at a meeting with
Maryam Rajavi , the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran ( NCRI ), in France.


Iranian dissidents demonstrate against President Rouhani in Paris


Recent Press Release:


CSRI welcomes the UN Security Council Resolution for Preliminary Sanctions on the Mullahs’ regime in Iran

CSRI Condemns the execution of 16-Year-Old by Mullah's regime in Iran

Act on Iran. Now! The West must refer Iran’s nuclear dossier to the United Nations Security Council for the adoption of sanctions in order to thwart its nuclear ambitions.

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